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Registration process
The Registration Process For Agents
step one

(1)Select “English” or “Chinese” in the top right corner.
(2)Click “Free Registration” to enter the shop process
(3)If you already have an account , enter your login information and click ”Login”.


step two

(1)Enter a commonly used cell phone number or e-mail.
(2)Set the password for 6 to 18 digits.
(3)Check the box after reading the “Terms and Conditions”
(4)Click ”Register Now” . Enter the shop process


Agent Shop Process
step one

Waiguofang offers 4 kinds of shops :Free Edition, Enhance Edition, Professional Edition and Top Edition. By clicking on the appropriate box,you can view each store’s features and advantages as well as do a service comparison.


step two

(1)After selecting your edition, you can choose from a set of packages to enhance your exposure.(picture:2-2)
(2)Select: Agent, Agency, or Developer.(picture:2-3).



step three

After selecting package and the type of shop, begin to fill in the information related to the shop. Example:Open store by Agent.

(1)Real name:The person who is applying for the shop
(2) Store name:Name for the shop
(3) Agent license number:State issued real estate license number.
(4) Picture of license:Upload picture
(5) Upload picture of your ID:Government issued ID,such as driver’s license or passport
(6) ID Number:Corresponding ID number
(7) Expiration date:Expiration date of uploaded ID
(8) Address:Contact address
(9) URL:This is the direct link to your store. You should use a name that is appropriate, such as your name or your agency’s name.(this should be easier.Ex:
(10) Mobile:The commonly used mobile phone number which can be linked to
(11) Email address:Commonly used E-mail
(12) After you have identified all the information, you can click on the ‘Lssue application’ to submit our audit, or when you want to change other stores or packages, you can click Back to return to the previous page


step four

Click “Issue Application” and wait 24 to72 hours for our staff to review.Someone from our professional customer service staff will contact after the review. In our quest to provide the best possible platform, we review in formation in order to guard against fraud.


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